Rex using Psycho Hypno UW150EXD

Phantom using Samurai Befall SF130EXD


Phantom: Ready to battle

Boy: Yep!

Phantom: 3

Boy: 2

Announcer: 1


(The Beys clash in air and are sent flying)

Phantom: Ready Befall

(Befall crashes in to Raven)

Boy: Let's Go Raven

Phantom: yawn*

Phantom: Befall Rainbow Painting

(Befall Shred's a small Circle around Raven)

Boy: Bu-bu-b-b-b-u-But!

(Raven moves to the side but get's knocked back in the circle)

Phantom: Now BEFALL!

(Befall charges and hits a side of befall forcing the fusion wheel into hitting the stadium)

(Befall does it again and again)

Boy: Stop it, my bey

Phantom: Oops, sorry I'll end it now

Boy: But how?

(Befall goes straight beside Raven and Raven floats up)

Boy: What's happening?

(Befall goes under Raven easily because Raven was higher up)

Phantom: Go Befall!

(Befall goes over and taps the Bottom of Raven, Raven gets blasted into a Stadium Out)

Phantom: heh

(Boy walks out)

Phantom: I'm on a Streak, Who's Next?

(a Strange guy walks up)

?????: My name is.....

Rex: REX

Phantom: Whatever... 3

Rex: 2...

Announcer: 1!

Phantom & Rex: LET IT RIP

(Beys clash but rex get's sent flying crashing into the stadium)

Phantom: 1 hit K.O!

Rex: are you sure

(Fog clears up but Hypno is still spinnig perfectly)

Phantom: Again!

(Befall charges at Hypno hits and sends it out of the Stadium)

Announcer: Stadium Out!

Rex: Not yet

(When hypno hits the floor, Hypno drills but pops back up under Befall)

Announcer: Bubbubbut that's impossible!

Phantom: That, that, that, that what is that bey

Rex: Psycho Hypno UW150EXD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phantom: Urggh.. Whatever let's go Befall!

Rex: Dazzle me!

Phantom: wow... Swirly! Swirly! , What, what's happening..

Rex: It's Starting... Look at my bey spinning isn't it amazing

(Phantom looks down)

Phantom: Rainbows, Bunnies, whu, what the HECK!!!!!

Rex: Hypno faster

(Phantom continues to look at hypno)

Phantom: oooohhhh..... Colors!

Rex: It's complete, Go now Hypno!

(Fog goes through the stadium)

Phantom: Butterflies :3


(the Fog clears up and Hypno is spinning at a speed like it never got hit, Befall... wasn't spinning

Rex: Yes REX!!!!!

Phantom: Lollipops... whu what the, what the Heck, what's happening

Rex: Well.... I won the Battle; he smirks

Phantom: But i don't even remeber half of that battle

Announcer: Rex Wins!

Phantom: my streak*

Rex: see you around, Phantom

Phantom: Where are you going you have to face the next blader

Rex: Whatever

(Rex leaves)

Phantom: You cut my streak and then just leave!

(phantom runs after him)


?????: Listen to me!

?????: What?

?????: You saw that battle Rex versus Phantom

?????: Yea... so

?????: SO! go collect information on that rex, Phantom was in Laalaa land while Rex just smashed him so easily

?????: Ok