Egg McMuffin CS145EM is one of the beys in the McBlader Set from Phantom Co.

Basic Info:Edit

Owner: None

StarStar StarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar Stamina

Facebolt: McDonaldsEdit

This facebolt has the symbol for McDonalds on it. The Golden Arches. Like every bey in the McBlader Set, it has the McDonalds facebolt.

Energy Ring: McMuffinEdit

This energy ring consists of an english muffin, and a slice of ham. The ham isused as a ring to slice the bey. The english muffin is used as a solid wall of defence by deflecting blows.

Fusion Wheel: EggEdit

This fusion wheel is an scrambled egg paatty. It is used to keep up stamina by making a centrifugal force by pushing the egg outwards when spinning.

Spin Track: Cheeze Slice 145Edit

This spin track is a slice of cheeze. Its four corners are used to slash the beys to reduce their stamina. It has a flimsy material to make it bend and defend.

Performance Tip: English MuffinEdit

This performance tip is an english muffin like the energy ring only upside down. It is a very large performance tip so it has big stamina power beause of its soft service.

Special Moves:Edit

Crushing Muffin Dive: McMuffin shoots up the rim of the stadium then it gets covered in energy and smashes down on the opponents beyblade.
Egg McMuffin

McMuffin's Beast (


McMuffin's spirit is an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds.