Basic Info:Edit

Owner: None

Attack Defense Stamina Type
**** ** *** Attack

Face Bolt: FireEdit

This face bolt is red in color with an orange fireball print with black eyes.

Energy Ring: FireEdit

This energy ring is orange in color with red fire details on it with fire swirls in the gaps between the fire.

Fusion Wheel: EmberEdit

This fusion wheel is very similar to flame. Only on this fusion wheel instead of having arrows on the notches in the wheel, it has the arrows on the quarter circle parts of the fusion wheel. Since these spiked are not in the gaps in the fusion wheel and are sticking out more, it gives more attack but less defence than flame.

Spin Track: Eternal Horn 145Edit

This spin track is a mix of H145 and ED145. It has the color (orange/red) and shape of Horn145. But it has the free spinning gimmick of Eternal Defence145.

Performance Tip: Eternal FlatEdit

This performance tip is very special. It is a flat tip that allows the bey to have tough attack and speed. But it is a free spinning tip to make its movements alot more different than a regular flat. It can be used to grip the stadium floor. Its main feature is when it tilts the tip will stop spinning because of its free spinning tip shaft.

Special Move(s):Edit

  • Firestorm Attack: Fire's beast jumps into the air and catches on fire and shoots down ferociously in a fireball and hits the opponents bey.
    Ember fire special move

    Firestorm Attack


The spirit of this bey is a fire elemental. The elemental is covered in iron armor.
Ember flame bey

A picture of Fire's beast.