Basic Info:Edit

Owner: None

Attack Defense Stamina Type
StarStarStarStarStar StarStar StarStar Attack

Facebolt: NukleorEdit

This facebolt shows the nuclear symbol in yellow and black like a real one. This print is on a translucent atomic green facebolt.

Energy Ring: NukleorEdit

This energy ring is different than other energy rings. This is because it has three curved walls on it that go up to the height of the top of the facebolt . These walls are about 3 milimeters wide though. In the spaces walled in are scwiggly lines that represent a flow of nuclear waste.

Fusion Wheel: ExplosionEdit

This fusion wheel is designed for a powerful smash attack. It is designed like Twisted only with small spikes instead of ridges and is separated into 3 wings. This provides some defence and great attack.

Spin Track: Spike 160Edit

S160 is designed to attack a smaller bey while being able to reach taller beys with the fusion wheel. The spike rings on the spin track slash and grind smaller beys. But, the 160 height allows the bey to reach taller beys with spin tracks like 230 and hit them at the top of the spin track and bottom of the fusion wheel to put them off balance.

Performance Tip: W²BEdit

This performance tip is very strange. It is like a W²D only in ball form. It has a wide ball tip with a small spike like W²D. So, it has some defence properties.

Special Move:Edit

  • Nuke Buster Attack: A strange hologram on the field appears, similar to Flame Bixis's, "Destiny Needle". The hologram has a nuclear symbol in the middle with green lines coming out of it leading to an outer ring where all the green energy circles in a current. Then, in the center dot of the nuclear symbol, a green lazer blasts into the air and goes out of sight. Next, in the sky, it forms a big sphere. Finally, the ball of energy smashes into the stadium and makes a giant explosion destroying anything in the stadium.


Nuclear symbol

Nukleor's somewhat beast

Nukleor dosen't really have a beast, similar to Byxis. Its main beast is a nuclear symbol. Just like Byxis is a compass.