Face BoltEdit

a Silver Chrome Wolverine face bolt. It shows the side view of a Wolverine's head. The Wolverine Print is Neon Blue.

Energy Ring: WolverineEdit

The Wolverine energy ring has 4 Wolf Mouths going around Circular. This energy ring has Black wolf heads with Red eyes.

Fusion Wheel: MasterEdit

Metal FrameEdit

4 Spikes go outward going past the core the 5th Spike Overlaps the top 2 Spikes each halfway. Giving it a non Symetrical feature. When The whole Fusion Wheel is turned upside Down, The Spikes hit the opponent's Bey more in an attack mode. The Metal Frame is Neon Red.The Metal Frame and Core Combine to make the Fusion Wheel Master.


The core is Wide so it Blocks the Spikes in normal mode. When Turned upside down it Doesn't Cover the Spikes so it's in attack mode. The Core is Neon Red. The Metal Frame is Combined to make The Fusion Wheel Master

Spin Track: 150Edit

150 has a design just like 145 but .5 Centimeters taller. When the bey spinning topples to a Side the other bey has an open shot to launch it in the air. This 150 Spin Track is a Mettalic color even though not Metal.

Performance Tip: MDEdit

MD is like D-Defense but in a Metal Design so it has more Defense, Weight, and Stamina. This Metal Defense tip is Mettalic.

Special MovesEdit

  • Claw Terror: The Bey Jumps up and down Quickly with an Big Impact each time Landing. The Special Move could Destroy the Stadium But Wolverine Smashes into the other bey instead.


The Wolverine Spirit is Gigantic in battle it has Speed and Height from Jumping. The Spirit of the Wolverine is Vicious.