A picture of Phantom


Phantom is spunky, sarcastic, and funny in most cases. He extremely hates it when somebody touches him though and it puts him in somewhat mental/emotional trama for about 3 seconds. So DO NOT TOUCH HIM. He fights fair in beybattles. Even though he dosn't dress like a shogun, he is the shogun leader of Team Shogun Warriors.


Phantom has white hair and saphire eyes. He also has a black, whit, blue, and gold pirite like hat. He also has a blue and gold cape, and a white and gold outfit. He has a bracelet with a golden circle with a ruby in the middle and has jewels on most of his chlothes. He also has a cane with a ruby in the middle.

His Bey:Edit

Face Bolt: His bey has a magenta face bolt with a black befall (first edition) motif print.

Energy Ring: His bey has a magenta befall (first edition) energy ring with black highlights. No stickers on it though.

Fusion Wheel: His bey has a metal grey Samurai fusion wheel with a black PC frame. There are no stickers.

Spin Track: His bey has a magenta colored Spiral Force 130 spin track without stickers.

Performance Tip: His bey has an Eternal Xtreme Defence performance tip in magenta color.

Special Move(s):Edit

  • Samurai Crasher: Befall glows in a powerful arua. Then, it fans its feathers. All the energy it had engulfs its wings in a golden hue. Its body is then suited with rainbow armor and its wings turn into katanas. Lastly, it puts all of its power inside its core and shoots a beam of rainbow light from its mouth, destroying almost everything.