Basic InfoEdit

Owner: None

Attack Defense Stamina Type
StarStarStarStarStarStar StarStar Attack

Face Bolt: CetusEdit

the Cetus face bolt shows a Whale with it Spouting water. This Face Bolt is Sky Blue with a White Print.

Energy Ring: CetusEdit

The Cetus Energy Ring has two Whale tails going up making it Taller. This Cetus Energy Ring is Sky Blue with White Tails

Fusion Wheel: QuakeEdit

Metal FrameEdit

The Metal Frame has Slates all going Down but there's a Space the same size as one between each of them. The Meatal frame is Colored Foggy Gray.


The Core is almost exactly like the Metal Frame. It's like the Metal Frame but Upside Down. It's Like this \~~/.

Spin Track: M145Edit

M145 is Move 145 It can be in 3 Different Positions making it lopsided in 2 of them. This Version is Gray.

Performance Tip: XQEdit

XQ - Extreme Quake is Just like Quake but instead of Non-Symmetrical it has Two sides like the Original making it The Ultimate Attack Tip.

Special MovesEdit

X-wave: Cetus makes Strong waves that fly toward the Opposing bey in the Shape of an X.


The Spirit of this Cetus is a Killer Whale. The whale is Black on top, It Only has Whit on bottom exept for the Spot around the Whale's Eyes.