The Bey God



Types of Battles

There are some different types of Battles but this is Decided by the two Opponents.

  • Normal: a Normal Battle the Ref Picks the Stadium or does a Random Pick, then they battle out whoever gets a Stadium Out or Sleep Out First.
  • Race: in a Race first the Ref picks the Stadium or does a Random Pick, Then Both Beys race to one end to a stadium, all the way around until it gets back to the Start.
  • Survival: Ref Picks a Stadium or does a Random Pick, Then Both Beys fight it out until the Last One Spinning. Even a Stadium Out doesn't count as long as the bey is Spinning.

What a Ref does

  1. First a Ref Picks a Stadium or Random Pick
  2. Then a Ref says 3...*waits 2...*waits 1...*waits and the waits for the Bladers to say let it Rip announcing that they launched they're bey a Ref needs to pay attention of how close they said Let it Rip after the Ref says 1.
  3. Then He announces Everything that happens in a Battle
  4. Finally once a Battle is Over... he gives them their Points (Give them however many you think they Deserve) Loser doesn't gain or Lose any. Winner gets (500-5000) Points from one Battle.