Sacred Befall's Stats

Face Bolt: GriffinEdit

The griffin face bolt looks like a griffin face and behind the face its wings it has a gold face with red griffin print.

Energy Ring: GriffinEdit

The griffin energy ring looks like 2 griffins there are 2 white eagle heads and a white body with wings and legs with a white tail and the rest is black.

Fusion Wheel: SacredEdit

Metal FrameEdit

The metal frame looks like a little basalt with squiggly lines on the bottom and its grey.


The core is grey an in the shape of a circle.

Spin Track: C230Edit

C230 is like C145 but its 230 with 3 rows of claws the spin track color is black.

Performance Tip: EMBEdit

It is a MB but the bottom is eternal the plastic is white.

Special MovesEdit

Ancient Griff Destuction: Makes a barrier around Griffin and the the stadium quakes


Griffin spirit
The spirit is a Griffin, the Griffin is half Lion, half Eagle. with White wings, Two talons, Two Feet and a long tail.