Samurai Befall's Stats

Facebolt: BefallEdit

The regular Befall facebolt with a magenta backround with a jet black print.

Energy Ring: BefallEdit

The normal colored befall energy ring. It has 2 walls of feathers and 2 feathers going to the right.

Fusion Wheel: SamuraiEdit

This fusion wheel is a mixture of attack stamina and defence.

Metal Frame: Armored DefenceEdit

The metal frame of Samurai is meant to defend incoming attacks with a solid defending with a wall of force

PC Frame: Katana AttackEdit

This is a fusion wheel with the PC frame under the metal frame. It fits into 2 slots into the metal frame. The frame is crafted to look like two katanas. The katanas are translucent black in color.

Core: Spirit's StaminaEdit

The core or Samurai is made to increase stamina. It uses 4 wings to push air upward to increase its stamina. In a similar effect to UW145 you can flip the blades on the core to go from attack, where the blades face the right, to defence, where they face the left.

Spin Track: Spiral Force 130Edit

This spin track also helps boost stamina. It has blades like W145 only a little bit longer. It is magenta aswell as the energy ring and performance tip.

Performance Tip: Eternal Xtreme DefenceEdit

This performance tip gives alot of stamina. It's like EWD only wider. So, because of this it has more defence, and stamina to aid it in battle.

Special Moves:Edit

  • Samurai Crasher: Befall glows in a powerful arua. Then, it fans its feathers. All the energy it had engulfs its feathers in a golden hue. Its body is then suited with rainbow armor and its feathers turn into katanas. Lastly, it puts all of its power inside its core and shoots a beam of rainbow light from its mouth, destroying almost everything.


The spirit is a pink and purple peacock.

Befall's beast