Shogun symbol

The symbol of Team Shogun Warriors

Team Shogun Warriors is a beyblade battling team

Team Info:Edit

Team Shogun Warriors is a team that fights hard, powerfully, and with a noble spirit. Just like a shogun and his samurai warriors.They also do not cheat. This team has ranks of team members. These ranks are named after japaneese war ranks.


Shogun Leader: PhantomEdit

Phantom is the Shogun and team leader of Shogun Warriors. He is usually the last one to battle and usually has his other team members go first. He also plans battle strategies, helps his team mates while they battle, and has a powerful bey like a real shogun would.

Daimyo: WhalerEdit

Whaler is a very good blader who never loses. He has got a defensive style of blading. He's blade is a defensive type blade which is very strong. He has a lot of potential.

Samurai: ???Edit


Shinobi: ???Edit


The team is in need of members. The first who come will get the highest rank!