Basic InfoEdit

Owner: None

Attack Defense Stamina Type
StarStarStarStar StarStar StarStar Attack

Face Bolt: SatanEdit

The Satan Face Bolt's Print has a Red Face with Yellow eyes and White horns. The Face Bolt is Black

Energy Ring: SatanEdit

The Satan Energy Ring is completely round with 3 horns on each side on the energy ring. This Energy Ring is Red.

Fusion Wheel: UndeadEdit

The Fusion Wheel is like Flame but Instead of 2 Spikes on either Side there is eight. Where there's no Spikes there is a Circle going around it filling in the Spot.

Spin Track: H100Edit

The H100 Spin Track is like H145 but 4.5 Centimeters off of it. The Spin Track is Clear Green.

Performance Tip: XDEdit

This is Like WD but even Wider it Goes out more than the Top of it.

Special MovesEdit

  • Fiery Volcano: a Mountain rises up from the Center of the Stadium but it Erupts a While after.


the Satan Spirit has Two Horns and Long Claws. Also a Really long Tail with a Blade on it.