Basic InfoEdit

Owner: None

Attack Defense Stamina Type
StarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar Stamina

Face Bolt: RodanEdit

Rodan is a Face Bolt that Shows a Teradactyl's Head with one wing in the Front and one in the Back. The Rodan is Light Brown on top of a Clear Blue Face Bolt.

Energy Ring: RodanEdit

The Energy Ring shows tons of Teradactyl Heads going around making a circular form.

Fusion Wheel: WaveEdit

The Wave Fusion Wheel is like Death but with no Mode Changes and has height off of it. It is Colored Blue.

Spin Track: 150Edit

This Spin track is at an Average Height. It has no Special Features.

Performance Tip: XRSEdit

The Tip is a Remodeled verison of RS Rubber Sharp, Exept this Tip is wider like the Real S Sharp tip. This XRS version has Plastic White Clear and The Rubber is Blue.

Special MovesEdit

Rodan Twister: Rodan Runs around the Stadium, and Then Stops and Goes straight at the Bey.


The Rodan is a Teradactyl Creature that is as Big as a Building.