Basic InfoEdit

Owner: None

Attack Defense Stamina Type
Star StarStarStarStar StarStarStar Balance

Face Bolt: CapricornEdit

This is an Ordinary Black Capricorn Face Bolt with Red Print

Energy Ring: CapricornEdit

a Pitch Black Capricorn energy ring with no stickers

Fusion Wheel: WetEdit

Wet is a Fusion Wheel that is Fluffy like a Cloud. The Design goes around the Whole Fusion Wheel. This Fusion Wheel is a Red.

Spin Track: M165Edit

Just Like M145 exept 2 Millimeters taller. this has 2 Modes the Middle and 2 Millimeters Left of it. This Version of M165 is the Color Red

Performance Tip: ADEdit

This tip is just like AS but with more Defense. It has a Defense tip but the part that hits the Stadium is turned eternal just like on AS.

Special MovesEdit

Multicut: Capricorn Rampages throwing the opponent's bey up into the air Multiple Times in Uppercut Form.


This is a Capricorn or Goat. It's a Baby Goat it Evolves Later into a Really Strong Goat.